Anita Terpstra / Anita Terpstra – Different

Anita Terpstra – Different

Anita Terpstra – Different

Rights sold

  • Denoël (France)
  • Blanvalet (Germany)


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About the book

Alma Meester and her husband Linc, along with their children Iris and Sander, seem like a happy family. But then eleven-year-old Sander and his friend disappear during a summer camp. His friend’s body is found, but Sander has disappeared without trace. Five years later, Sander reports to a police station in Germany. Deliriously happy, Alma and Linc embrace their son again, but the reunion is far from perfect. They start to have doubts. Is Sander really who he says he is? In an attempt to discover the truth, the family has to find out once and for all exactly what happened.

A thriller as a thriller should be. Like the work of Scandinavian colleagues, ‘Different’ is raw and dark, at times even gruesome.’ **** - Dagblad van het Noorden

Terpstra has structured her story extremely well. A gripping thriller inspired by real-life events. **** - Crimezone

It is impressive to see how Terpstra builds both plot and tension. An excellent thriller that keeps you hooked until the denouement. - De Gooi- en Eemlander

'Different’ is an original story with a well-developed plot and an unsettling atmosphere that stays with you. ****1/2 -

Terpstra subverts the picture of the lost son very, very gradually. Anders is a cleverly structured and credible story in which the oppressive tension builds slowly but surely. -


Anita Terpstra (b. 1974) graduated in journalism and art history. Her successful debut thriller Nachtvlucht (Night Flight) was nominated for the Shadow Prize and the Crimezone Thriller Award. Her book Anders (Different) was published in Germany and France. Television-film rights have been sold to a French producer.

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Additional book information

  • thriller
  • ISBN 9789023490470
  • Number of pages: 304
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: €12,50
  • English sample available