Corine Hartman / Corine Hartman – A Dark Path

Corine Hartman – A Dark Path

Corine Hartman – A Dark Path

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About the book

Faye van Laar has lived in a psychiatric institution since childhood. Her father is the director, but she is also a patient, and together with five other patients she forms an unusual family.

New to the family is Emilie, who suffers from paranoiac delusions since her boyfriend Steven was murdered. The perpetrators are now after her, she insists. Faye wants to believe her, she knows how it is to live with uncertainty, and tries to help Emilie by starting her own investigation.

She meets detective Simon te Bresser, who can’t drop the case regardless of the conclusion that Steven committed suicide under the influence of antidepressants. When Emilie suddenly vanishes without a trace, Faye and Simon team up to form an unlikely investigative duo.

‘Faye van Laar is an intriguing main character who immediately finds her way into your heart.’ **** ½ Thrillzone

‘An interesting and suspenseful book in which unexpected events quickly follow each other up. With great dialogues. A well thought out plot with a surprising conclusion. Recommended.’ - NBD

‘A remarkable main character of whom we haven’t seen the last.’ - Algemeen Dagblad

‘Corine Hartman is a big name in the Dutch thriller world.’ - De Telegraaf


Corine Hartman (b. 1964) worked as a scriptwriter for many years and has fifteen thrillers to her name. Her books are famed for their tough action sequences and fascinating characters. She has been nominated for the Gouden Strop a number of times and has won several Crimezone Awards.

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789403158303
  • Number of pages: 336
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: €19,99
  • English sample available