Corine Hartman / Corine Hartman – The Evil Inside Us

Corine Hartman – The Evil Inside Us

Corine Hartman – The Evil Inside Us

About the book

Simone Steenbeeck’s greatest wish was to become a mother. A family to care for. When a pregnancy began to look unlikely, however, she and her husband Richard chose another path. They became the proud foster parents of Daniel and Nina, two children from Brazil. Shortly thereafter, Simone became pregnant after all, and her daughter Veerle completed the family.

Now, almost twenty years later, the family Steenbeeck lives in an idyllic village. Simone runs a patisserie in town, Richard is a teacher in nearby city and the children…that’s where the perfect picture crumbles. In the warm, safe nest that Simone wants to offer her family holes slowly begin to form as they unwittingly slide towards the edge of a cliff.

The Evil Inside Us was inspired by the Dutch Bonnie and Clyde, who left a string of victims in their wake in Twente in 2014. The male half of duo was a Brazilian adopted by Dutch parents as a child. Hartman, herself an adopted child, transforms this fact into a stunning family drama

‘An exceptional book.’ **** AD Magazine

Press on previous work:

‘Bold, raw and hard, written in a breath-taking tempo and with a character we seldom meet in Dutch thrillers.’ JURY REPORT, THE GOLDEN NOOSE AWARD 2013

‘A tough thriller from the Dutch Karin Slaughter.’ ELSEVIER

‘Written in that signature Corine Hartman style: beautiful, intelligent, evocative, without frills and distracting details.’ ***** AD MAGAZINE

‘Strong characters, blood curdling action, an exciting plot and unexpected twists turn this psychological thriller into an irresistibly riveting story.’ ***** CRIMEZONE MAGAZINE


Corine Hartman (b. 1964) worked as a scriptwriter for many years and has fifteen thrillers to her name. Her books are famed for their tough action sequences and fascinating characters. She has been nominated for the Gouden Strop a number of times and has won several Crimezone Awards.

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Additional Book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789403106809
  • Number of pages: 288
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: € 19,99