Corine Hartman / Ross & Hartman – Black Widow

Ross & Hartman – Black Widow

Ross & Hartman – Black Widow

About the book

A series of savage attacks strikes at the heart of Europe. Sir Charles Cavendish, boss of nato’s security forces, has his Special Forces team track a suspect to gain more information about the culprits. To their amazement the trail leads them to the home of a senior nato official. Then a fresh attack takes place, this time in Amsterdam. The outlines of a horrifying plot become visible, and in a race against time team members Adam Kaplan and Carrie Montevagio try to prevent further attacks. When they find the people responsible, Carrie takes deadly dangerous decision. Adam will have to pull out all the stops to avoid losing his partner.

A thriller that’s almost impossible to put down. – De Telegraaf

Black Widow is as hardboiled as they come, a great holiday thriller, cleverly written by a duo that really should stay together for a while. **** –De Volkskrant

In Black Widow Hartman and Ross have created an extraordinarily realistic thriller that gives you a taste for more. –


Corine Hartman (b. 1964) worked as a scripwriter for many years and has fifteen thrillers to her name. Her books are famed for their tough action sequences and fascinating characters. She has been nominated for the Gouden Strop a number of times and has won several Crimezone Awards.

In his thrilles Tomas Ross (b. 1944) balances on the dividing line between fact and fiction. He has written more than forty books, winning the Gouden Strop Prize three times, and has worked as a scriptwriter on highly acclaimed Dutch television series and films.

Additional book information

  • thriller
  • ISBN 9789023498971
  • Number of pages: 340
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: € 19,99