Cristophe van Gerrewey / Cristophe van Gerrewey – Up to Date

Cristophe van Gerrewey – Up to Date

Cristophe van Gerrewey – Up to Date

Rights sold

  • Sandorf (Croatia)
  • Calvaria Publishing House (Ukraine)
  • Botime Pegi Sh.p.k (Albania)
  • TRI Publishing Centre (Macedonia)
  • Větrné mlýny (Czech Republic)
  • Izdavačka kuća Zavet (Serbia)
  • Colibri Publishers (Bulgaria)
  • Alianza (Spain)

About the book

A man wakes up in a house belonging to friends who have gone on holiday. Accompanied by their cat, he recalls the previous summer, when a woman was still with him. He decides to write to her to bring her up to date with recent developments. He remembers the places they stayed, the things they said to each other, the secrets they shared. The absent lover increasingly speaks for herself, until her voice displaces his own and exposes all his faults. Up To Date is an astute and witty account of a past relationship that continues to reverberate, a tragicomic attempt to grasp the practical difficulties and conflicting desires of modern love. Can we hope to understand love if we don’t even understand  ourselves?

Van Gerrewey proves once again that the intangible nature of love is still the ever-reliable fuel of literature.’ – De Morgen

Up To Date is a strange, not so much pompous as indeed slightly pretentious, fascinating and convincing debut. – De Standaard

This gifted stylist effortlessly alternates between lyrical declarations of love and hatred and caustic social and literary criticism. – NRC Lux


Christophe Van Gerrewey (b. 1982) has for years been attracting attention in magazines as a wayward and versatile essayist and storyteller. Up To Date (2012) won him the Debut Prize and was nominated for the Bronze Owl, the Academica Literature Prize and a Cutting Edge Award. In 2013 he published his second novel, Delayed Train.