Dalena van Heugten / Dalena van Heugten – Night’s Rest

Dalena van Heugten – Night’s Rest

Dalena van Heugten – Night’s Rest

About the book

Sleep is without a doubt the most important activity in our lives. Sleep keeps us fit and healthy, and ensures that we function. After a night of sleep, we feel more energetic, sharper and happier than after a bad night. Young parents are often at their wits’ end, just like people with intrinsic sleeping problems. On top of that, sleep issues often go paired with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and psychosis. But why is sleep so essential for our mental wellbeing? And if it’s so important that we rest, why do we dream so vividly?

In Night’s Rest psychologist and sleep researcher Dalena van Heugten unravels the mystery surrounding sleep. Writing in a clear style, she explains the functions of sleeping and dreaming based on fascinating clinical examples and reveals the most recent scientific developments she and her colleagues around the world are working on. A dazzling book full of new insights about the fundamental importance of sleeping and dreaming.

What can I add to the range of books about sleep? On the one hand, I want provide insight into the importance of sleep for our mental health. We all know that sleep is good for us, but why exactly is that? On the other hand, I want to go back to the vivid dreams of my childhood. Books about dreams with a scientific basis are rare. Books that couple a scientific explanation for dreams with our mental health are even rarer.


Dalena van Heugten is a psychologist at Maastricht University, where she completed a doctorate in disassociation and sleep. She carried out her research at the University of Oxford’s sleep laboratory. In addition to her writing, she connects scientific research with clinical education and clinical practice.

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Additional book information

  • Non-fiction
  • ISBN 9789400405264
  • Number of pages: 304
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €22,99