David Van Reybrouck / Mohamed El Bachiri & David van Reybrouck – Mohamed’s Odyssey

Mohamed El Bachiri & David van Reybrouck – Mohamed’s Odyssey

Mohamed El Bachiri & David van Reybrouck – Mohamed’s Odyssey


About the book

‘Here we go then, set off together on an odyssey without end, in search of a land called peace, guided by a star. Loubna.’

Three years after the Brussels attacks in which he lost his wife Loubna, Mohamed El Bachiri’s voice rings sharper than ever. With great precision he recounts his youth in Molenbeek, his life as the father of three children after the death of his wife and his vision of fraternity as the foundation for the future. In doing so he is equally critical of white intolerance and Islamic bigotry. He single-handedly sketches the contours of a modern, open society in which differences can coexist and humanity prevail. From within his own bottomless grief he offers an impressive testimony full of wisdom and love. His words are simple, his message grand.

On A Jihad for Love (published in English, French and German):

‘A passionate plea against hate, revenge and the urge to destroy’ – DE VOLKSKRANT

‘This is the best book about Islam, but also about Christianity, that the father and widow could have written.’ – NEDERLANDS DAGBLAD

‘In short, clear sentences and chapters of no more than a few pages David Van Reybrouck proclaims El Bachiri’s message: “a tribute to his wife and a humane message of love and compassion.”’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

About the author

DAVID VAN REYBROUCK writes nonfiction, poetry and plays. His published work include Congo: The Epic History of a People, Against Elections and the collection Odes. In 2010 he received three important literary distinctions and in 2014 he won the Gouden Ganzenveer Award.

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Additional book information

  • Memoir
  • ISBN 9789403180007
  • Number of pages: 144
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 9,99