David Van Reybrouck / David Van Reybrouck – Revolusi

David Van Reybrouck – Revolusi

David Van Reybrouck – Revolusi

Rights sold

  • Suhrkamp (Germany)
  • Janklow & Nesbit (World English)
  • The Bodley Head (UK)
  • Norton (USA)
  • Actes Sud (France)
  • Taurus (Spain)
  • Feltrinelli (Italy)
  • Natur Och Kultur (Sweden)
  • Siltala (Finland)
  • W.A.B. (Poland)
  • Gramedia (Indonesia)

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About the book

Indonesia’s struggle for  independence, which reached its climax in the 1940s, has long been regarded as a conflict between the colonial power, the Netherlands, and the colonized Dutch East Indies. But in fact, it belonged to world history. David Van Reybrouck’s Revolusi is the first book to go beyond the national perspective and demonstrate the conflict’s global significance.

Indonesia was the first country to declare independence after WWII. Once the Japanese occupation had been ended, young rebels engaged in armed resistance against any new form of domination. British, Australian, and above all Dutch troops were sent to restore order and keep the peace, but instead their presence ignited the first modern war of decolonization. That struggle inspired independence movements in Asia, Africa, and the Arab world, especially when Indonesia organized the legendary Bandung Conference in 1955, the first global conference without the West. The whole world had become involved with the Revolusi, and the whole world was changed by it.

‘Monumental. A book whose force, as you turns its pages, only increases.’ **** – DE STANDAARD

‘David Van Reybrouck loves oral history and oral history loves him.’ **** – DE VOLKSKRANT

‘As far as we are concerned, Revolusi is an experience in book form: wonderfully written, compelling, surprising and creating badly needed clarity in a complex, not to say often chaotic history. The preceding international history, context and, above all, consequences of the revolution should put Indonesia emphatically on the map: not as a friendly, green wisp of islands at the margin, but as an archipelago where world history was written.’ – INDIES TIJSCHRIFT

‘The interviews with eyewitnesses and the use of never-before-studied journals and other ego-documents form an important aspect of Revolusi. Van Reybrouck has almost seamlessly woven them into his story about the Indonesian independence struggle, which is based for an important part on an extensive literature review.’

‘Adding to the many “outstanding” books and documentaries about the Dutch Indies and Indonesia that already exist, Van Reybrouck searches for connection in Revolusi. In doing so, he places the ambitions of Indonesia, as the first colony to declare independence after World War II, within a broader perspective.’

David Van Reybrouck (born 1971) is a cultural historian, archaeologist, and author of non-fiction, plays, and poetry. His most successful book has been Congo: A History, awarded the Libris History Prize 2010, the AKO Literature Prize 2010, and the Prix Médicis 2012. His essay A Plea for Populism won the Jan Hanlo Essay Prize 2009 and the Flemish Cultural Prize for Criticism and Essays (2009). For Against Elections: The Case for Democracy (2014, English-language edition 2018), he received the Henriëtte Roland Holst Prize. His essay Zinc, written for Dutch Book Week in 2016, was awarded the European Book Prize. In 2014 he received the prestigious international Gouden Ganzenveer prize in recognition of his oeuvre. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

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Additional book information

  • History
  • ISBN 9789403183404
  • Number of pages: 656
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €39,99
  • Full translations available in several languages