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Donald Nolet – Hook

Donald Nolet – Hook

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About the book

A stunning thriller about professional kickboxers and the ruthless world of organized crime

Alexander ‘Hook’ Holman is a living legend in the kickboxing world; as a gifted trainer he’s led many fighters to the top. At the same time, Holman has been the right-hand man of André Krook, one of the last godfathers of the Amsterdam underworld, for years.

The close friendship between these childhood friends comes under strain when a Syrian refugee walks into the boxing gym. The boy is the greatest talent that Holman has ever had under his wing, but his protégé’s meteoric rise pushes the trainer into the spotlight. The carefully maintained balance between his two lives begins to teeter, and the consequences are fatal

'Even more so than in his previous books, Nolet reveals his talent for crafting mood in Hook.' – de Telegraaf

'With his latest book Hook,
Dutch thriller writer Donald Nolet captivates readers once again.' - Thrillzone

‘After an acclaimed debut, Donald Nolet returns with an addictive thriller. The Devil’s Handwriting is of a calibre to match the work of Dan Brown.’**** – De Volkskrant

‘Intelligent summer thriller full of clues, inscriptions and secret locations.’ – Zin


Donald Nolet (1975) studied Japanese culture and language. Since graduating he has worked as an advertising copywriter. In 2014 he won both the Golden Noose and the Shadow Prize for best thriller with his debut Encrypted. In 2017 his thriller about the mysterious Voynich manuscript, Handwriting of the Devil, was shortlisted for the Golden Noose award and it has been published in Germany by Droemer Knaur.


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Additional book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789403147406
  • Number of pages: 336
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: €19,99
  • English synopsis available