Joost Engelberts, Bas Zwartepoorte & Joris Vermeer / Joost Engelberts, Bas Zwartepoorte & Joris Vermeer – The Potato Eaters

Joost Engelberts, Bas Zwartepoorte & Joris Vermeer – The Potato Eaters

Joost Engelberts, Bas Zwartepoorte & Joris Vermeer – The Potato Eaters



About the book

Sushi, schnitzel and steak – they’re world-famous meals that we eat on a daily basis, and yet they’ve become so common that we no longer know anything about them. Where do they come from and why are they so famous? The Potato Eaters went out into world to find out.

Deep in the bowels of centuries-old libraries and from the mouths of chefs, baronesses, farmers, revolutionaries and inventors, they dig up the original recipes. The result is a bold book full of surprising adventures with babi, bolo, barbeque and epic stories about Nazis and spaghetti, mafia members and cheese fondu, seasick cows and meat tea. A journey full of memorable encounters, such as with the last living member of the illustrious Stroganoff family who, after his mother’s death, hasn’t eaten a decent boeuf stroganoff since.


Cheese Soup for two
This is the recipe for the original version of cheese fondue. The precursor to the famous dish, if you like. The story goes that during the long, cold Swiss winters the peasants would have less to eat. To still get enough food, they would use the last, old, hard pieces of cheese, mainly the ones that were no longer fit to eat. Some milk was heated in a pan in which the bits of cheese were melted. That’s where the name we use comes from: ‘fondre’ is the French verb for ‘to melt’, which is of course exactly what now happens in cheese fondue. This rustic cheese soup with only two ingredients is a bit spartan and seeing as there are no original versions to be found, this is the cheese soup as it often appears on the menu in Swiss restaurants today. Make this recipe on a freezing-cold day, in the middle of winter, if you’re feeling truly hungry.

Twenty famous dishes: Babi pang gang, couscous, sushi, Vietnamese egg rolls, chips, goulash, moussaka, tacos, cheese fondue, barbecue, beef stroganoff, ceviche, paella, schnitzel, steak, spaghetti bolognese, rijsttafel, shawarma, coq au vin, and roti.

Joris Vermeer owned a restaurant in Amsterdam before becoming the presenter of the TV series and author of the book The Potato Eaters.

Joost Engelberts is director of the TV series The Wild Kitchen, The Tower and The Potato Eaters. He wrote twenty short stories before this book.

Bas Zwartepoorte is a cameraman, director and documentary filmmaker. He supplied the dazzling photography and images for The Potato Eaters.

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  • Non-Fiction, Food, History, Travel
  • ISBN 9789400406889
  • Number of pages: 320
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €29,99