Ernest van der Kwast / Ernest van der Kwast – The Ice-Cream Makers

Ernest van der Kwast – The Ice-Cream Makers

Ernest van der Kwast – The Ice-Cream Makers

Rights sold

  • Dook (China)
  • Fraktura (Croatia)
  • btb-Verlag (Germany)
  • Mauri Spagnol (Italy)
  • 37 Ink/Atria (United States)
  • Scribe (World English)


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About the book

In the far north of Italy lies the valley of the ice cream makers: about a dozen villages where, for generations, the people have specialised in making ice cream. Giuseppe Talamini claims it was even invented here. Every spring his family sets off for the ice cream parlour in Rotterdam only to return to the mountains again in winter.

Giovanni Talamini decides to break with this tradition by pursuing a literary career. But then one day his younger brother Luca approaches him with a highly unusual request. Now Giovanni faces a dilemma: serve the family’s interest one last time or choose his own path in life, once and for all.

Reading De ijsmakers, which is a fine novel, a second time you notice the carefully crafted interaction between family pressure and the longing for freedom across the different generations. – NRC Handelsblad

A moving story about two brothers growing apart. **** – Algemeen Dagblad

The passion for making good ice cream, the alchemy of creating a new flavour and the historical background of ice cream makers who used to make their ice cream from mountain snow lend this page-turner its charm.
- Dagblad van het Noorden


Ernest van der Kwast (b. 1981) made his breakthrough with the novel Mama Tandoori, which became a bestseller in the Netherlands and Italy and sold more than 100,000 copies. In 2012 he published the novella Giovanna’s Navel, which entered the Spiegel bestseller list immediately after publication in Germany (mare Verlag) in spring 2015. The German edition of his novel De IJsmakers (The Ice-Cream Makers) entered the Spiegel bestseller list in spring 2016. The novel recently received the Dioraphte Youth Literature Prize, awarded to the best book for young adults. His most recent book is Het wonder dat niet omvalt (The Miracle that Doesn’t Fall Down).

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789023486381
  • Number of pages: 304
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €19,99
  • English sample available