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Ewoud Kieft

Ewoud Kieft

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Ewoud kieft (b. 1977) is a writer, historian and musician. Previously, he wrote War Enthusiasm and The Banned Book, respectively about the attraction of war and Nazism. Both books were shortlisted for the Libris History Prize. He wrote his dissertation about the rise of religious nationalism in the early twentieth century and reviewed both novels and non-fiction for the newspaper NRC Handelsblad. The Imperfected is his fiction debut.


Recent title – English material available:

De onvolmaakten (The Imperfected), 2020

‘I could start with the moment I came into his life. Keep in mind that in those days a Gena was only a simple application. We operated with clearly circumscribed objectives but had the same basic structure as the later, autonomous models.’ – from "The Imperfected"

On "War Enthusiasm":

‘Kieft tells his story in captivating fashion. His prose is crystal clear, his insights into the events are profound, and his approach original.’ – DE MORGEN

‘Impressive. A shocking reading experience.’ – DE CORRESPONDENT

On "The Banned Book":

‘A clarifying book that offers nuance in a time when people look up concepts like populism, alternative facts and fake news.’ – DE STANDAARD