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Floor Boogaart – Schorem

Floor Boogaart – Schorem

About the book

In 2011 the down-to-earth entrepreneurs and polar opposites Bertus and Leen started barbershop Schorem. A place where men could be amongst themselves and where you could only choose between twelve different haircuts. A home away from home, as they call it. To their own surprise, their shop in Rotterdam grew to be an international sensation. They now make appearances around the world in halls packed with frenzied fans and have developed a highly successful pomade line called Reuzel, which is sold in 85 countries. Partly thanks to them, the barber’s trade is experiencing a global revival. In Schorem, the quirky craftsmen speak candidly about their turbulent youths, the wild adventures of their rock star existence, the art of ‘staying true to yourself’, depressions, stage fright, unbridled ambition, success and their friendship, which now runs twenty-five years.

Excerpt from 'The Telegraph' (October 2015):

"When we come here in the morning, there will be 20 guys waiting in front of the shop. Every day. It's not all about the haircuts, it's about being part of the thing that's happening here. "Men need a place to be men. That's why we started the shop."

FLOOR BOOGAART (b. 1979) is freelance copywriter, music journalist and interviewer. She came into contact with Leen and Bertus of barbershop Schorem through rock ‘n’ roll music. Schorem is her debut.


BERTUS (b. 1974) grew up in the northern Netherlands. From the age of sixteen he lived on his own and led a tumultuous life. At a young age he developed a deep passion for the barber trade and for rock ‘n’ roll.


LEEN (b. 1976) is from Brunssum and lived with his parents until he was twenty-seven. He discovered entrepreneurship at a young age. After completing a barber’s course in Sittard, he opened branches for Kinki Kappers (‘Kinky Hairdressers’) at different locations around the Netherlands.

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Additional book information

  • Biography
  • ISBN 9789400406070
  • Number of pages: 320
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €22,50