Frank Westerman / Frank Westerman – A word a word

Frank Westerman – A word a word

Frank Westerman – A word a word

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About the book

In this book Frank Westerman tests the strength of the free word under the pressure of present-day attacks since Charlie Hebdo. He mixes with terrorism experts in Paris and drinks mint tea with a former train hijacker who has become a poet. To get a sense of what language can do against terror, Frank Westerman goes a step further by subjecting himself to a hijacking exercise in a Boeing 747 at Schiphol Airport and by training as a hostage negotiator in a police training village. What can the word achieve against the bullet?

As a child Frank Westerman experienced the Moluccan train hijacking from close proximity and as a correspondent he witnessed the Chechen terror in Russia. Starting out from these intense experiences he takes the reader with him through a series of high-profile hostage dramas from Bovensmilde to Beslan, all of them inspired by the bible or the Koran.

‘The name Frank Westerman stands for a new way of writing literature.’ – FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG


Frank Westerman (b. 1964) is the author of major bestsellers including The Republic of Grain (Lou de Jong Prize 2000), El Negro and Me (Golden Owl 2005) and Choke Valley (shortlisted for the ako Literature Prize 2014). His books have received many other awards and nominations both at home and abroad and his work has been published in sixteen languages.


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Additional book information:

  • Non-fiction
  • ISBN 9789023498599
  • Number of pages: 288
  • World Rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,90
  • English sample available