Hans Schnitzler / Hans Schnitzler – We Nihilists

Hans Schnitzler – We Nihilists

Hans Schnitzler – We Nihilists

About the book

An elite of tech entrepreneurs has managed to dominate humanity and society within a very short time. Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, a world without services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat and the Cloud has become unimaginable. Over the last fifteen years, a collective digital conversion has taken place that has drastically changed our lives.

In We Nihilists, Hans Schnitzler asks a question that is rarely asked: how did this virtual class manage to accomplish this? Inspired by, among others, Friedrich Nietzsche’s work on nihilism, he goes in search of the cultural roots of this success. His quest plunges the reader into the wonderful world of the internet age’s archetype: the nerd. At the same time, he holds up a wry mirror: in fact, we are all nerds.

The data revolution is threatening to devour her own. With this book, Schnitzler urges us to examine our own role – because only when we become aware of it, change is possible.

‘A pleasantly readable plea that not only builds on relevant philosophical literature, but also on the experience of students who endured digital abstention.’ – Trouw

‘An essay as strong as it is unsettling.’ – De Volkskrant


Hans Schnitzler (b. 1968) is a philosopher and journalist. His essays and columns have appeared in publications such as de Volkskrant and Hard Gras. He is also a columnist for the journalistic platform Follow the Money and a lecturer at the Bildung Academie, as well as a frequent guest on TV and radio. Following his successful debut The Digital Proletariat in 2015, Little Philosophy of the Digital Abstention was published in 2017.

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Additional book information

  • Philosophy
  • ISBN 9789403138015
  • Number of pages: 144
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €18,99