Harry Mulisch / Harry Mulisch – The Elements

Harry Mulisch – The Elements

Harry Mulisch – The Elements


About the book

Mulisch’s unforgettable novel about a family holiday on the island of Crete.

Recently turned forty, ‘Art Director’ Dick Bender is on holiday with his wife, daughter and son on Crete. He stays in the villa of one of his clients and they lead a normal holiday life there. Doing groceries in the village, lying on the beach. His eleven-year-old daughter is difficult, his nine-year-old son stubborn. There is the boredom that sets in toward a holiday’s end: it’s still too early to pack bags, yet the desire to return home begins to gnaw. Nevertheless, an astounding confluence of circumstances awaits him—one that will make even world news.

‘The most important thing remains the plot, the wonderful story, the adventure novel. The myth comes first, then the moral. In order to achieve that effect a combination of self-control and fantasy is required. A sense of restraint and a sense of abandon. Harry Mulisch seems to possess both.’ NRC- Handelsblad

‘The Elements is a novel like a magic spell.’ Tzum


Harry Mulisch (1927-2010) wrote novels, stories and essays that won him countless literary prizes and honours. Part of the literary universe he left has been published in more than thirty-six languages.



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Additional book information

  • Novella
  • ISBN 9789403175805
  • Number of pages: 116
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €19,99