Hugo Claus / Hugo Claus – The Rumours

Hugo Claus – The Rumours

Hugo Claus – The Rumours

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About the book

René Catrijsse, deserter in a colonial war, returns to his Flemish village in 1967. His arrival unleashes a series of puzzling incidents. Twenty years later René’s brother, Noël, tells a mysterious former police com-missioner his gruesome fairy-tale of guilt and love.

The Rumours was crowned with both the European Aristeion Prize and the Libris Literature Prize in 1997, and is considered a highpoint in the impressive oeuvre of this Flemish language-virtuoso. Along with a few selected titles, The Rumours was re-published earlier this year in honour of their author, who passed away ten years ago.


Impressive, incisive and wise. - NRC HANDELSBLAD

The text radiates a delight in writing. - DE MORGEN

With a virtuoso’s touch, Claus the novelist skirts the abyss of topical events... Such narrative élan... A wonderful, often lyrical style. - HET PAROOL

As always, Claus shows the formidable range of his language. Even when writing prose, he never neglects the fact that he is a poet. - TROUW


Hugo Claus (1929-2008) ranks as the most important Flemish writer since the Second World War. His supremely realistic work broke with a traditional way of writing. Characteristic of this early work is a surprising and powerful style combined with an effervescent use of language. Later his prose became more sober in tone but the poetic force always remained, as did his ability to cause a sensation. His wide-ranging oeuvre consists of novels, stories, poems, plays and film scripts. Claus has received more than fifty prizes, including seven Belgian or Flemish National Awards, several Dutch awards, and the Belgian-Dutch Literature Prize (1986), the most important literary prize for a writer working in the Dutch language. His international prizes include the Prix Lugné-Poë (1955), the Ford Foundation Grant (1959), the Prix International Pier Paolo Pasolini (1997), the Aristeion Literature Prize (1998), the Premio Nonino (2000) and the Preis für Europäische Poesie (2001).

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Additional Book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789403108209
  • Number of pages: 336
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,99