Jan Cremer / Jan Cremer – Jayne

Jan Cremer – Jayne

Jan Cremer – Jayne

About the book

Published in 1964, the first edition of I, Jan Cremer was dedicated to sex symbol and actress Jayne Mansfield. She called the book ‘a wild and sexy masterpiece’ and the author ‘my Pop Hero’. Jayne is the autobiographical account of their shared adventure.

Jan Cremer, on his uppers after a major conflict with his American publisher, agrees to accompany world-famous Jayne Mansfield on a publicity and nightclub tour. She is his childhood idol, and he is photographed with her as a publicity stunt. The photo becomes a romance, and before Jan knows it, the dominant Mansfield is dragging her Dutch beau with her on a crazy journey through South America. Through the eyes of Jan Cremer we see how the impossible ‘La Mansfield’ wallows in her fame and both enchants all those around her and drives them to despair.


Our ironing board adventure started coincidentally when Maria, who just ironed a pile of clothing, wanted to put it away. “Leave it!” ordered Jayne, looking at me questionably. Maria disappeared from the hotel room. “Have you ever done it on an ironing board?” Jayne asked seductively. I couldn’t confirm. I’d done it on horses, galloping and standing still, in elevators, cars, boats and airplanes, on cinema chairs, in beds, on couches and sofas, on bare floors and thick carpets, in phone cabins, on the street, in the train, in haystacks and stables, on wheelbarrows, behind buses and in bathrooms – that I’d done, but never on an ironing board.

Cremer is once again in tremendous form. The descriptions of sex are totally inspiring and often terribly funny. – De Groene Amsterdammer

A fantastic book! Marvellous! A highlight in Jan’s oeuvre! – HP/ De Tijd


Jan Cremer (b. 1940) achieved international fame in 1964 with his first novel I, Jan Cremer. At the author’s request, ‘a sure-fire bestseller’ was printed on the cover, right from the very first edition. Cremer’s controversial comments in the book were viewed by some as a threat to national security while at the same time he was praised by prominent colleagues like W.F. Hermans. The sequel was published in 1966 and also became a smash hit. His subsequent work has included travelogues, letters and an autobiographical account.


(c) Sacha de Boer

Additional book information

  • Memoir
  • ISBN 9789403135908
  • Number of pages: 160
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €20,99