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Jan Siebelink

Jan Siebelink

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In Knielen op een bed violen (My Father’s Garden) by Jan Siebelink (b. 1938) was awarded the ako Literature Prize and was published in German (Arche Verlag / dtv), Italian (Marsilio Editori), Danish (Tiderne Skifter) and is in preparation in Greek (Kastaniotis). A full English translation is available. Siebelink’s previous novel, De blauwe nacht (The Blue Night), was published in 2014.

Press on In My Father's Garden:

Nobody has written so penetratingly about how a person can become lost because of religion. – Suddeutsche Zeitung

I have never read a Dutch novel that is so pure and so well written. He deserves all the prizes we have this year. – Vrij Nederland

A truly majestic novel … Anyone who reads this book without a lump in his throat cannot be human. – Elsevier


  • Margje, 2015
  • Knielen op een bed violen (In My Father's Garden), 2005