Johan de Boose / Johan de Boose – Cursed Wood

Johan de Boose – Cursed Wood

Johan de Boose – Cursed Wood

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About the book

A piece of wood from a tree in Palestine was used to crucify the prophet Yeshua. The wood turns out to have magical powers: it can talk and it arouses exceptional desire in anyone who touches it. When a theatre director takes it to support his stage set, a spectacular journey begins. The piece of wood finds its way to the Roman emperor, Orthodox monks, the Russian tsar, Islamic scholars, inventors, the pope, fascists and communists, painters, scientists and terrorists. Along the way it encounters famous toenails, shrouds and foreskins. The journey lasts more than two thousand years. With the wood as a witness, Johan de Boose takes the reader on a journey past the most dramatic events of European history. The fact that the wood has certain reservations about everything adds an appealing, ironic touch.

A great Russian writer lurks in the soul of Johan de Boose. The plot of Cursed Wood is as hilarious as it is brilliant. - Stefan Hertmans, Author


Johan de Boose (b. 1962) writes novels, non-fiction, poems and stage plays. He is the author of The Puppeteer and the She-Devil, a non-fiction book about the war in Yugoslavia, Blood Witnesses, a novel about the Second World War, and Belgian Rules/Belgium Rules, the script for a theatrical creation by Jan Fabre. Johan de Boose’s work has won him the Halewijn Prize, the Henriette Roland Holst Prize and the Cutting Edge Award. As well as writing, he performs his own scripts.

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  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789403120409
  • Number of pages: 216
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 21,99
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