Jolande Withuis / Jolande Withuis – Juliana

Jolande Withuis – Juliana

Jolande Withuis – Juliana

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Juliana (1909-2004) was a queen much loved by many; nevertheless we know little about her personal life. After a protected childhood in the confinement of the court and her flourishing during her stay in Canada during World War II, when she was much more proactive on behalf of the Allied case than is generally known, Juliana began her ‘weighty but beautiful’ duty in 1948, full of ambition. The competent princess was soon confronted with great personal and political disappointments and her reign was marked with a series of crises. Juliana’s longstanding love for Prince Bernhard, who fell from heaven to be her liberator in 1936, was her Achilles heel. He was almost her downfall.
Juliana was capricious and keen, pious and naive. One thing she was not was ordinary. She had to function in a world of men who often felt superior. And just as she resisted so many other conventions, from a young age Juliana resisted discrimination against women.
Never before has there been such a detailed, scientifically grounded biography of the monarch so many saw as ‘our’ queen. Withuis based her work on letters and other private material never previously published. This has enabled her to write not an intimate and penetrating life history as well as providing a portrait of an eventful era.

It is an outstandingly written book; clear, intelligent and compelling. - De Groene Amsterdammer

Withuis reveals in fine detail how Juliana’s personal troubles transcend her private life.-NRC Handelsblad

A wonderful biography.**** - Het Parool

A book to read breathlessly in one sitting. A biography of a queen who could not allow herself to be known in life. - Leeskost


Until 2014 Jolande Withuis (b. 1949) was a researcher affiliated with the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD). She was a columnist for Opzij for many years and currently writes for NRC Handelsblad, Trouw and de Volkskrant. In 2012 Withuis was one of the interviewees in the television programme Zomergasten (Summer Guests). De Bezige Bij has published Erkenning (Recognition, 2002), Na het kamp (After the Camp, 2005), De vrouw als mens (Women as Human Beings, 2007) and in 2008 Weest manlijk, zijt sterk (Be Manly, Be Strong), a biography about resistance fighter Pim Boellaard, which won the Grote Geschiedenis Prijs, a prize for historical writing, in 2009 and the Erik Hazelhoff biography prize in 2010.

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  • Biography
  • ISBN 9789023435235
  • Number of pages: 864
  • World Rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 39,99