Joris van Casteren / Joris van Casteren – Loneliness

Joris van Casteren – Loneliness

Joris van Casteren – Loneliness

About the book


Perhaps because he spent weeks in an incubator as a baby, separated from all human contact, Joris van Casteren has always been fascinated by loneliness: it is a subject he addresses in different guises in all of his books.

In 2018, he was appointed coordinator of the De Eenzame Uitvaart (The Lonely Funeral), a foundation that writes personal poems to salute those who die without a family or social network. There the world of lonely people, which normally is completely invisible, opened up for him.

In Loneliness Van Casteren offers a unique look at his great fascination, which, in these times of Covid, has become even more significant. Combining wonderful anecdotes with reflections on literature and society, he illuminates loneliness from different sides. It is also a personal tale about his love for a female cellist from Philadelphia who brought an end to his own loneliness.


‘What is reality without Joris van Casteren’s astonishment? A master of his trade.’ – GEERT MAK

‘More than a reconstruction. A moving and brilliant book.’ – MATHIJS VAN NIEUWKERK, TV-HOST

‘Only Joris van Casteren could write this masterly book. A jewel.’ – PETER MIDDENDORP, AUTHOR

Joris van Casteren (b. 1976) had already earned a name as a journalist for his outstanding rapportage, which had won him the Gouden Pennetje Award, when he made his breakthrough in 2008 with Lelystad, nominated for the AKO Literature Prize. In the years that followed, his books included the equally celebrated The Foot in the IJssel (2013), nominated for the Bob den Uyl Prize, People on Mars (2016), and Mother’s Body (2019), an investigative account of a son who cannot say goodbye to his mother.

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Additional book information

  • Non-fiction
  • ISBN 9789403123813
  • Number of pages: 128
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €16,99