Kees van Beijnum / Kees van Beijnum – Sacrifice

Kees van Beijnum – Sacrifice

Kees van Beijnum – Sacrifice

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About the book

Tokyo 1946. A year after the capitulation of Japan, the Tokyo Tribunal is well underway. Dutchman Rem Brink is one of the judges tasked with reaching a verdict on the most prominent of Japanese war criminals. To distract himself from his colleagues’ power games and continually changing alliances, Brink tries to get to know an unfamiliar and utterly destroyed country. When he meets Japanese soprano Michiko, who lost her parents during the bombing of Japan, a tender, secret love unfolds that turns out to bring dangers

of its own. When their relationship is revealed, Michiko falls into disfavour with her Western benefactor. Her promising future lies in ruins and she leaves, pregnant, for her native village in the mountains. At that same isolated place, only a short time before, atrocious war crimes took place in secret.

Kees van Beijnum substantial novel De offers is of greater magnitude than his earlier work. Rem Brink, Dutch judge of the Tokio Tribunal (loosely based on the actual judghe Bert Röling), discovers in destroyed Japan just how disruptive an affaire between himself and a Japanese actually is. A tale about benign but destructive love in a country of weakened souls. Van Beijnum portrays in poignant and historical scenes a country finding it hard to bear a lost war. ***** – Algemeen Dagblad

Van Beijnum decribes Japan post WWII in evocative imagery :the slums , poverty, as well as the wonderful nature and the people, hard to fathom. The business of the Tokyo Tribunal, the disagreement between the judges and the malice resulting from that seem practically filmed..The alternating storylines of Brink, Michiko and Hideiki are well balanced, like a perfectly composed piece of music. **** – De Telegraaf


Kees van Beijnum (b. 1954) is the author of successful novels including Dichter op de Zeedijk (Poet on the Zeedijk), which was published in 1995 and nominated for the AKO Literature Prize, while the movie based upon it won the Golden Calf – the Dutch equivalent of the Academy Awards. De ordening (The Arrangement), published in 1998, was nominated for the Libris Literature Prize, and the film version was nominated for a Golden Calf. De oesters van Nam Kee (Oysters at Nam Kee) appeared in 2000, was made into a movie and won the 2001 F. Bordewijk Prize. Recent novels are Paradiso and Een soort familie (Kind of Family) which was nominated for the AKO Literature Prize. De Offers (Sacrifice, 2014) was published by C. Bertelsmann in Germany.

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  • novel
  • ISBN 9789023496007
  • Number of pages: 512
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 12,50
  • English sample and full German translation available