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Lammert Kamphuis

Lammert Kamphuis

Lammert Kamphuis  (b. 1983) is a philosopher and writer. He has taught at a number of schools and colleges and is in high demand as a speaker at congresses and festivals. He is both a teacher and head of faculty at The School of Life in Amsterdam.


Recent title – English material available:

Philosophy for an Inimitable Life (Filosofie voor een weergaloos leven), 2018.


Part I: Philosophy for your relationship with the world

I work, therefore I am / On work
The calculator’s blind spots/ On numbers
20 kinds of jam /On freedom
War or peace?/ On humans
Mysticism and therapy/ On art
The power of fire/ On smartphones
Part II: Philosophy for your relationship with the other
Speech is silver, silence is... / On friendship
What is your fundamental mood? / On belief
Just doubt it / On doubt
The pope versus Kamasutra / On sex
Long live Diogenes and Jules Deelder / On non-conformism
Pretending / On ethics

Part III: Philosophy for the connection with yourself

Philosophy in times of misery / On consolation
...or not? / On restlessness
Look again in your heart / On anger
Desire management / On dissatisfaction
For cowards and assholes / On the self
Living in an ‘anti-age’ culture / On death