Lammert Kamphuis / Lammert Kamphuis – Philosophy for an Inimitable Life

Lammert Kamphuis – Philosophy for an Inimitable Life

Lammert Kamphuis – Philosophy for an Inimitable Life

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About the book

There is no rehearsal for life. You only get one go. Fortunately you can consult great thinkers for wise advice. Diogenes helps you to be your authentic self, Epicurus to avoid spending too much money, Kant to brake in time for a zebra crossing – but less well-known philosophers have something to offer as well. Lammert Kamphuis shows how thinkers both ancient and modern can assist you. From the moment you realize that life is not all roses, all kinds of questions flash through your mind: Where do I find myself? Who am I really? Who are these other people? Why are they all staring at me and what do they think of me? What is expected of me? Why am I here? And will someone tell me, please, when this is going to stop? Philosophy for an Inimitable Life offers comfort, enriches friendships, creates understanding for those who think differently and enables you to take more pleasure in your work. You’ll be amazed at how accessible this way of philosophizing is – and ready to try it for yourself.

Part I: Philosophy for your relationship with the world

I work, therefore I am / On work
The calculator’s blind spots/ On numbers
20 kinds of jam /On freedom
War or peace?/ On humans
Mysticism and therapy/ On art
The power of fire/ On smartphones

Part II: Philosophy for your relationship with the other

Speech is silver, silence is... / On friendship
What is your fundamental mood? / On belief
Just doubt it / On doubt
The pope versus Kamasutra / On sex
Long live Diogenes and Jules Deelder / On non-conformism
Pretending / On ethics

Part III: Philosophy for the connection with yourself

Philosophy in times of misery / On consolation
...or not? / On restlessness
Look again in your heart / On anger
Desire management / On dissatisfaction
For cowards and assholes / On the self
Living in an ‘anti-age’ culture / On death


Lammert Kamphuis  (b. 1983) is a philosopher and writer. He has taught at a number of schools and colleges and is in high demand as a speaker at congresses and festivals. He is both a teacher and head of faculty at The School of Life in Amsterdam.

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  • Literary Non-Fiction
  • ISBN 9789403118307
  • Number of pages: 240
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 18,99
  • English sample available