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Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen

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Laura Jansen (b. 1977) is a Dutch-American singer-songwriter and a tremendously inspiring storyteller. Her debut album Bells went platinum, taking the song charts and stages across the Netherlands by storm with such songs as ‘Wicked World’ and ‘Use Somebody’. She performed her next album Elba around the world. Laura is a co-founder of the aid organization Movement on the Ground, which offers help to refugees on Lesbos. Laura devotes herself fully to independently putting a human face on the harrowing situation at the EU’s borders.


Recent titles – English material

Wij zagen een licht (We Saw a Light), 2021

Excerpt 'We Saw a Light':

‘Freedom isn’t something that I understand, not really. I see it when my passport and papers let me fly and ride. I see it when, at the end of the day, I leave the camp through the gate, on my way to my own house. But freedom is nothing that I have ever lost. I only know that I have it, and that they don’t.’
‘There are dogs that steal your leftovers, cats that live underneath your tent, scorpions and snakes, and a lot of rats among the river of garbage. In the summer, mosquitos roam around you constantly and in the winter the wind can race, blowing you over in a second. On Sundays it’s quiet, the workers don’t come, there's no row of white rental cars along the road. But the police are still there. You live in a perpetual state of alert: a fire, a fight can break out. The police continuously search through the camp. There are drunk people and angry people, people who prey on the weak and sick.’