Lisa Weeda / Lisa Weeda – Aleksandra

Lisa Weeda – Aleksandra

Lisa Weeda – Aleksandra

Rights sold

  • Garamond (Czech Rep.)
  • Turbine Forlag (Denmark)
  • Le Bruit du Monde (France)
  • Kanon Verlag (Germany)
  • Göncöl (Hungary)
  • Cappelen Dam (Norway)
  • W.A.B. (Poland)
  • Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă (Romania)

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About the book

In her debut novel, Lisa Weeda unfolds her family’s extraordinary history, which begins with her great-grandmother Aleksandra. In 1942, she is deported from Ukraine and put to work in the war industry in Germany. Later, granddaughter Lisa travels to her grandmother’s birthplace and ‘meets’ – on the wings of her imagination – her great-grandfather Nikolaj, who awaited his daughter’s return for three quarters of a century. Together with him, she goes in search of traces of her cousin, who was murdered during the newly reignited conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Aleksandra is the story of a family from the East and West that just can’t break free from an area that never seems to find peace and where there is always conflict. Lisa Weeda found the form and the voice to tell this profound story in a grandiose way.

Excerpt from Aleksandra:

The Don Cossacks, whom my great-grandfather descends from, have a coat of arms: a majestic white stag with a golden arrow in its back. To me, that symbolizes the stretch of land where Aleksandra was born. The stag is not dead, but things are not going so well with that animal either. It is permanently wounded. The Don Cossacks’ stags play a magical ancestral role in my novel, as guardians and protectors of my family: sometimes they can intervene on their old ground, sometimes not.

LISA WEEDA (b. 1989) is a Dutch-Ukrainian writer, literary programme maker, screenwriter, audiofan and virtual reality director. The written word has always been has always been the basis of her work, but the form varies. Ukraine, her grandmother’s motherland, is often central in her work. Aleksandra is her debut.

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Additional book information

  • Historical fiction / Autofiction
  • ISBN 9789403130811
  • Number of pages: 352
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €22,99
  • English synopsis and sample available