Marcel Möring / Marcel Möring – A Family Walk

Marcel Möring – A Family Walk

Marcel Möring – A Family Walk

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Four years ago, Marcel Möring returned to the northern Netherlands, where he had grown up. Wandering through the forest and fields, memories returned to him there that seemed far away and deeply hidden. Now, more than half a century later, he can still – somewhere between waking and dreams – walk to his mother’s adopted parents, who had hidden her during the war. In 1945 his mother had chosen to stay with them instead of returning to Rotterdam, her city of birth. ‘It’s a place where I like being, because of the warmth, the smell, the suggestion, as well, of another world, but I can’t touch anything. That is one of the few things forbidden in my grandparents’ home.’ In A Family Walk, Marcel Möring dives, while walking through the landscape of his childhood, into the past and searches for defining people and events. For the first time, he reveals his family history, which is largely characterized by forgetting, forgetting and carrying on.

‘It really looks as if Möring has surprised himself with the intricate, almost baldly written Family Walk. His oeuvre is one great plea in favour of the force of story-telling, the power of the imagination, the building of ingenious literary constructions. Weighty novels in which the personal is rendered universal. **** de Volkskrant

‘A jewel that leaves you wanting more.’
**** Leeuwarder Courant

‘Marcel Möring gives a detailed account of his existence. It isn’t just his own life that passes before us, it’s also that of his Jewish parents, particularly his mother who lost her parents in the Holocaust. As a girl from Rotterdam, she was secretly taken in by a childless couple in Drenthe, and after the war she stayed loyal to these loving surrogate parents. That background marked Marcel Möring’s youth in the north of the country – the introverted little boy, devoted to writing from the very beginning, with an ‘iron-hard’ mother who showed no emotions and a father who wanted to enjoy his life away from home as much as possible.’
**** Elsevier

In the intimate story Family Walk, Möring, not really a member of the confessional generation, writes for the first time quite directly about his origins, his family, in short his identity. (…) Family Walk leads you over hill and dale, full of prehistoric finds and ancient historic sites that have shaped Marcel Möring into one of our greatest writers.
**** de Limburger

Marcel Möring (b. 1957) work has been widely translated and won numerous prizes. His first novel, Mendel (1990), was an instant success and won the Geertjan Lubberhuizen Prize for Best Debut. This was soon followed by the The Great Longing (1992), which won the Netherlands’ most prestigious prize at the time, the AKO, while In Babylon (1997) won two Gouden Uil Prizes. In A Dark Wood (2006) won the Bordewijk Prize for Best Dutch Novel, after which he wrote a trilogy of novels, along with essays and poetry. His latest novel Amen (2019) was nominated for the Boekenbon Literature Prize.

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  • Autofiction
  • ISBN 9789403131719
  • Number of pages: 136
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €18,99