Marcel Möring / Marcel Möring – Amen

Marcel Möring – Amen

Marcel Möring – Amen

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About the book

Samuel Hagenau works on the grounds of Westerbork, a WWII transit camp, as an archaeologist. On the day his wife announces that she will pick up the last of her things, he wanders into the forest to organise his thoughts. The discovery of a dead man sends him even further back to the question of who he was and who he is.

Recurring themes in Marcel Möring’s work include the Jewish diaspora, uprooting, history, the search for identity and for a home. In Amen these subjects are interwoven in an astonishing and personal fashion.

Press on previous work:

‘Marcel Möring is without a doubt one of the most perceptive authors of our time and he has the greatest imagination.’ – The Times Literary Supplement

‘Möring’s prose is compelling and erudite, and he plays different registers with great ease.’ – Publishers Weekly


‘The fact that there is a beginning that begins and an ending that ends and the end begins and the beginning ends and that the tide of time washes in and pulls out and leaves behind the wreckage of what was come on Saturday and get the last box, ok? and you saying that that’s ok, that everything’s ok, it’s ok that I don’t get it, it’s ok that the end begins here or the beginning ends here, there’s absolutely nothing that isn’t ok, ok doesn’t give a toss whether we get a move on or whether we don’t, because nothing ever changes, not between us, not the world, not history, everything flows and you can just look at and think: everything flows.’


Marcel Möring’s (b. 1957) work has been widely translated and won numerous prizes. His first novel, Mendel (1990), was an instant success, winning the Geertjan Lubberhuizen Prize for Best Debut. The Great Longing (1992), which soon followed, won the country’s most prestigious prize, the AKO, while In Babylon (1997) won two Golden Owl Prizes, including the award for the best Dutch language book of 1998. In a Dark Wood (2006) won the Bordewijk Prize for the best Dutch novel. His previous novel, Eden (2017) received critical acclaim

Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789403147901
  • Number of pages: 272
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €22,99
  • English sample available