Margriet de Moor / Margriet de Moor – Mr. and Mrs. God

Margriet de Moor – Mr. and Mrs. God

Margriet de Moor – Mr. and Mrs. God

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Joseph Haydn in his final hours, Judith in the act of decapitating Holofernes, sultry summers—in this deft collection of short stories, Margriet de Moor takes readers on a journey through historical and personal moments. From Amsterdam to Israel, from Vienna to the countryside, into the past and back to the present, all while exploring huge themes such as love, being a parent and death. Each tale is told in De Moor’s distinctive assured, playful voice. In one story, for example, Mr. and Mrs. God discuss the future of mankind from up in heaven:

Late in the evening, once the reading light had been turned off, God said to his wife, ‘I’m not happy.’ She rolled over onto her side, put her hand on his stomach, thought: oh no, not again, and said soothingly, ‘Try to get some sleep.’

'A symphony of memory, in which individual recollections and fantasies at turns clash and effortlessly meld. And yet each story has its own distinct form and tone and is written from a different perspective (...) Margriet de Moor has the eye of a painter and writes like a composer.’ **** - de Volkskrant

'This is De Moor’s great strength: her boundless imagination and her ability to empathize deeply with her characters’ dreams, desires and decisive moments, even if they inhabit a distant past.’ **** - Elsevier


Margriet de Moor (b. 1941) made her debut in 1988 with the short story collection Seen from Behind. It was followed by successful novels including First Grey, Then White, Then Blue, which won her the AKO Literature Prize in 1992. De Moor was trained as a musician at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and has written several novels about music, including The Virtuoso and Kreutzer Sonata. Other well-known works include The Painter and the Girl, Mélodie d’Amour and Of Birds and People.


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  • Short stories
  • ISBN 9789403182315
  • Number of pages: 160
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €23,99