Margriet de Moor / Margriet de Moor – Sleepless Night

Margriet de Moor – Sleepless Night

Margriet de Moor – Sleepless Night

Rights sold

  • Grasset et Fasquelle (France)
  • Carl Hanser Verlag (Germany)
  • Anansi (Canada)
  • New Vessel Press (USA)

About the book

Everyone thought she would move house after the shameful incident. An accident, she called it, the shot in the chicory greenhouse. She remained, renounced her widow’s existence and started meeting men through personal ads. The encounters always followed the same pattern: getting to know one another, stories, a shared night. But the memory of her deceased husband still has her in its grasp.

During a sleepless winter’s night she thinks over the years past and tries to fathom her young husband. Why did he do it? And what is her part in the story?

With her powerful voice, Margriet de Moor tells a gripping love story, about departure and death, rage and jealousy and the possibility of a new beginning.

A delicately unfolded, cleverly constructed and, through their psychological finesse, fascinating story.– Frankfurter Rundschau

Margriet de Moor tells us the story of a young woman who gets up in the middle of the night and starts making a cake. Her lover is asleep in her bedroom upstairs, and when it is time to remove the cake from the oven, the reader has read a tragic story of love and death. No doubt, the impression made by Sleepless Night is inversely proportional to its length : unforgettable. – Jean Mattern, Editions Grasset

Margriet de Moor (b. 1941) made her debut in 1988 with the short story collection Seen from Behind. It was followed by successful novels including Eerst grijs, dan wit, dan blauw (First Grey, Then White, Then Blue), which won her the AKO Literature Prize in 1992, De virtuoos (The Virtuoso), Kreuzersonate (The Kreuzer Sonata), De verdronkene (The Storm), De schilder en het meisje (The Painter and the Girl) and Mélodie d’amour. Her work has been translated into twenty-four languages.

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN  9789023463627
  • Number of pages: 240
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 17,99