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Mark Vangheluwe

Mark Vangheluwe

Mark Vangheluwe (1968) is a sculptor and photographer. He lives and
works in Flanders.

Recent title – English material

Brief aan de paus (A Letter to the Pope), 2017

Press on A Letter to the Pope:

'A Letter to the Pope' is more than your typical victim’s book, more than a painful account of the injustice that was done to him. Vangheluwe’s story stands out for its depth, its nuance and for the wealth of its language. The idiom is Catholic through and through. It shows that Vangheluwe was not just betrayed by his uncle bishop, but by his entire world, which was dictated by the Church and God. **** - DE VOLKSKRANT

It is an especially gripping book, not only because of the powerlessness of the young victim against his criminal abuser, but also because of the book’s extraordinary and exceptional literary construction….And its style is universal: more than a translation, it deserves the broadest possible readership across the Catholic world. - KRANT VAN WEST-VLAANDEREN

A book that leaves you gasping for air. - DE LIMBURGER