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Martijn Simons

Martijn Simons

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Martijn Simons (b. 1985) is a writer and teaches Dutch. His published novels include Summer Sleep (2010) and My Name is Julius (2015). Together with Casper Vandeputte he wrote the novel Destiny (2019) under the collaborative pen name Simon Caspers. His previous novel, The Dutch Dream (2020), was awarded the BNG Literature Prize.


Recent title – English material

Heidelberg, 2022

Praise for Heidelberg:

'This is compelling, apt and engaging storytelling. An entertaining, gripping, expansive novel with multiple perspectives, many different storylines and one single, straightforward premise that ends up bringing all of those threads together.' - **** NRC Handelsblad

'Simons' sharp gaze is conveyed in lucid prose that seems plain, but on closer inspection turns out to be full of original turns of phrase and wry humor.' - Het Parool

'From different perspectives a family drama slowly unfolds. This turn of events is inevitable, which makes it all the more tragic. A touching story.' - Zin Magazine