Mathijs Deen / Mathijs Deen – Among People

Mathijs Deen – Among People

Mathijs Deen – Among People

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About the book

Jan has lived alone for years since the sudden deaths of his parents. The heir to a beautiful farm close to the North Sea, he cannot escape the loneliness that awaits him each day when the farm work is done. He decides to place a personal ad. He’s searching for a woman for conversation, for sex, and – if he’s lucky – even for love and a child. The woman who answers, however, has plans of her own. She wants nothing more than a simple life in a quiet place close the sea. For her, Jan’s farm offers an escape from the busy city and from a reckoning with her past. And when she discovers that she can see the sea from the farmhouse loft, she makes up her mind to live there – to live there no matter what.


Realism with a lot of wry humour, sometimes of the slapstick kind. Cinematic too. Deen’s writing is extraordinarily vivid and explicit. Excellent debut novel. – Het Parool

Love – or what passes for it – as an unpredictable force of nature: everyone is affected by it, not just lonely farmers or eccentric ladies from the city. You need the pen of a Mathijs Deen to depict this phenomenon with such agonizing realism. – NRC Handelsblad

With Among People Deen has written a good, entertaining book.


Mathijs Deen (b. 1962) works for a national radio programme devoted to historical documentaries. He has published a number of novels and collections of newspaper columns. His collection of stories Brutus heeft honger (Brutus is Hungry) received critical acclaim and was nominated for the prestigious AKO Literature Prize. His book The Wadden Islands was published in 2013.

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789400407428
  • Number of pages: 206
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: € 19,99
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