Mathijs Deen / Mathijs Deen – The Boundless River

Mathijs Deen – The Boundless River

Mathijs Deen – The Boundless River

Rights sold

  • MacLehose Press (World English)
  • Iperborea (Italy)
  • Knesebeck Verlag (Germany)

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About the book

In The Boundless River Mathijs Deen brings the reader, as he did in his acclaimed books The Wadden Islands and Down Old Roads, into his unique world: the grey zone between fact and fiction, knowledge and imagination. ‘Imagine the river is a character, then she’ll have a birth and death as well. Tell me how she was born.’ That is the question Deen asks a geologist one sunny day in September. The answer that follows is the start of a journey that will carry the reader from a time far before we ever spoke of a European continent to the current day, in which skippers still see the Rhine as a living being, a person.  Meandering from the mighty hippos that once grazed on the river’s banks millions of years ago to the exhausted salmon that saw their habitat slowly change, from the girl from ancient Steinheim to the Roman general Corbulo, to the young Goethe and the North Sea fisherman Kommer Tanis – Deen shows how, since the beginning of time, the river has connected and divided, terrified, consoled, sustained and engulfed.

‘An enviably well-written journey between present and past.’ – Het Parool

‘Mathijs Deen shows that the Rhine is not a stale river, but a stream full of life and stories.’ – Trouw

MATHIJS DEEN (b. 1962) is a writer and radio producer. His short story collection Brutus is Hungry, nominated for the AKO Literature Prize, was followed by among others The Wadden Islands, Down Old Roads and the novels Among People and The Light Ship, which was nominated for the Libris Literature Prize. His work has been translated into German, Italian and Korean.

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Additional book information

  • Non-fiction
  • ISBN 9789400408005
  • Number of pages: 336
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €23,99
  • English sample available