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Miriam Rasch – Friction

Miriam Rasch – Friction

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About the book

Dataism is the belief that everything can be translated into data. Data secure the world and make it manageable. But for who and with what objective? The ethical dilemmas that surround data are often reduced to issues such as privacy and regulation, while the underlying assumptions are rarely ever discussed. Can humans be understood as algorithms? What happens to the things that can’t be captured in data? And why is a dataistic future presented as inevitable? Against the ideal of an automated world that holds us captive in an invisible net, Miriam Rasch proposes a revaluation of friction.

Friction is a formidable strategy from those who strive for emancipation or actively resist the demand for transparency and constant communication. Rasch opens the path toward ‘de-automation’ as a possibility for allowing words and things to shine anew. In times of dataism, how can we continue to tell our own story?

‘Mind-expandingly multifaceted. Poetic.’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

‘A salient argument for more friction between people and algorithms.’

‘Here is an essayist who playfully combines philosophical, literary and political perspectives.’ **** – TROUW

Miriam Rasch works as a researcher and teacher for the Institute of Network Culture at Amsterdam’s polytechnic university. She studied literature and philosophy. In 2015 she won the Jan Hanlo Essay Prize. Her book Swimming in the Ocean: Dispatches from a Post-Digital World (2017) was published to critical acclaim and shortlisted for the 2018 Socrates Cup philosophy prize.

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  • Philosophy
  • ISBN 9789403183602
  • Number of pages: 238
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €22,99