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Peter Middendorp – Cousins

Peter Middendorp – Cousins

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About the book

Cousins Arie and Robert are as similar as two peas in a pod. They did everything together from their earliest youth. Growing up. Going to school. Becoming marijuana dealers. Everything until Arie sells his share of the business and leaves Robert behind to carry on in their former lifestyle. But Robert had always regarded their connection as a unique story of love and loyalty.

Robert looks back on it all when he picks up his cousin Arie from his care home for a trip to the island of Schiermonnikoog. He wants to finally tell his side of the story. But as they get closer to the sea, he starts to wonder: were we really in this together?

'Peter Middendorp precisely captures the conflicting emotions of a cannabis dealer with a guilty conscience. The final scene is simply majestic.' – de Volkskrant

'Peter Middendorp is a writer to be reckoned with. His sentences are like diamonds: solid, strong and brilliant.' **** – NRC Handelsblad

'Peter Middendorp is a crafty writer. He invites readers into the head of Cousins' main character. And that is a pretty scary place to be.' **** – Dagblad van het Noorden

'Middendorp is a master of gritty drama and writes seemingly effortless sentences that don't flaunt their extreme precision, although they do contain a healthy dose of dark humour.' – Trouw


PETER MIDDENDORP (b. 1971) made his breakthrough with Trusted Benefits, hailed by critics and awarded the Groninger Book Prize. You Are Mine was nominated for the Bookspot Literature Prize, awarded the Groninger Book Prize, and translated into German. Peter Middendorp has been a columnist for de Volkskrant since 2012.

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Additional book information

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789403152219
  • Number of pages: 176
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €22,99
  • English sample available