Peter Terrin / Peter Terrin – The Guard

Peter Terrin – The Guard

Peter Terrin – The Guard

Rights sold

  • Canetti (Bulgaria)
  • Fraktura (Croatia)
  • Liebeskind (Germany)
  • Turbine (Denmark)
  • Al Kotob Khan (Egypt)
  • Paris Gallimard (France)
  • Göncöl (Hungary)
  • Carmel (Jerusalem)
  • Ars Lamina (Marcedonia)
  • Zavet (Serbia)
  • Modrijan (Slovenia)
  • El Rayo Verde (Spain)
  • Dauphin (Czech Republic)
  • MacLehose Press (UK)
  • Iperborea (Italy)


About the book

Harry and Michel live in the basement of a luxury apartment block, guarding the inhabitants. No-one goes outside. The world might be at war – it might even have been plunged into nuclear winter. No-one knows.

All Harry and Michel know is that if they are vigilant, ’the Organization’ will reward them: promotion to an elite cadre of security officers remains their shining goal.

But what if there were no-one left to guard? And if the promised relief shift arrives, how will they fit in to Michel and Harry’s studied routine of boredom and paranoia?

A mix of psychological thriller and SF fable, this strange, wonderfully claustrophobic novel. — Guardian

A tremendous novel, often horrifically funny and always unsettling. — Irish Times

Webs of Pinteresque paranoia ... Effectively horrid. — Sunday Telegraph


Peter Terrin (b. 1968) is the author of two short story collections and four novels. De bewaker (The Guard) won the European Union Prize for Literature and made the longlist of both the Golden Owl and the AKO Literature Prize. The Irish Times called it one of the best novels of the year. Post-mortem (2012) won him the AKO Literature Prize and Monte Carlo (2014) was shortlisted for the prestigious Libris Literature Prize 2015. Terrin’s work has been translated into numerous languages.

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Additional book information

  • novel
  • ISBN 9789023487289
  • Number of pages: 224
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 12,50