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Peter Verhelst – Bodies

Peter Verhelst – Bodies

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About the book

A man finds himself in an apartment complex slowly being taken over by nature. He encounters chickadees, a magpie, children, and a bear. Memories adopt ever-changing forms. And he finds bodies – lots of bodies.

Bodies is a passionate love letter to images that align with what’s genuinely happened in our lifetimes, sometimes even more so than the memories. Verhelst gives every reader a chance to find their own cohesion and personal poignancy. With Bodies, he astonishes readers again with a sensual novella about the longing that drives us towards the light.

'With his novella, Bodies, Verhelst has again written a story of intoxicating beauty, a gem on par with the best books he's ever written.' – Tzum

'The claustrophobic novella is based on disconcerting, confronting images so powerful they take your breath away. "A chaos that leads to its own universe, at times beautifully intuitive, sometimes dark, critical and pulsating," are the words of the jury of the Constantijn Huijgens Prize in summarising Verhelst's oeuvre. Those words also apply to Bodies.' – **** De Morgen

'In a sense, every reader creates a different book, using their own body, memories, and shortcomings […] There's no end to the uniquely penetrating omen Verhelst forged with Bodies. ' – DWB literary magazine


PETER VERHELST (b. 1962) is a highly acclaimed poet, novelist and director. For his prose, he has received such awards as the Golden Owl, the Flemish Culture Prize, the Confituur Booksellers Prize and the F. Bordewijk Prize. In addition, his entire body of works has been crowned with the Constantijn Huygens Prize.

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Additional book information

  • Novella
  • ISBN 9789403132518
  • Number of pages: 144
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €22,99
  • English sample available