Ramsey Nasr / Ramsey Nasr – The Foundations

Ramsey Nasr – The Foundations

Ramsey Nasr – The Foundations

About the book

How do we get out of this crisis? This is the question that Ramsey Nasr, one of the Netherlands’ most versatile artists, asks himself.

Nasr concludes that the pandemic has exposed what, for a long time, we have refused to see: our political and economic systems have corroded the foundations of Western society. In an extremely personal and at the same time rational plea, Nasr dissects the corona and climate crises as two disasters that are in fact connected with each other. Step by step, he questions our entire Western way of life. Building on artists like Boccaccio, Rilke and Van Gogh, Nasr makes a plea to radically reconsider our place on earth and our idea of happiness, not as some woolly ideal, but purely out of self-preservation.

As such, The Foundations is, besides a penetrating cry from the heart, a political call to rebellion.

‘A pamphlet like a bugle call. Nasr pulls out all the stops in his literary figures of speech, and what a feast that is! […] His siren demands to be heard, twice over.’ - NRC Handelsblad

‘His views are sympathetic and testify to a deep humanism, his style is eloquent and self-aware.’ - Tzum

RAMSEY NASR (b. 1974) is an actor, poet, writer and director. In 2000 he made his debut as a poet with the collection 27 Poems & No Song. In 2005 he was the city poet laureate of Antwerp and from 2009 to 2013 the national poet laureate of the Netherlands. Nasr has been awarded numerous prizes for both his writing and acting work. He is a member of International Theater Amsterdam and regularly publishes opinion pieces about art and politics.

Additional book information

  • Current affairs
  • ISBN 9789403132310
  • Number of pages: 144
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: €17,99