Roel Janssen / Roel Janssen – The Money Launderer

Roel Janssen – The Money Launderer

Roel Janssen – The Money Launderer

About the book

Rhonda Zander is sent to France to investigate the death of a Dutch banker and former minister whose body was found in the pool at his villa in the south of the country. The young, ambitious public prosecutor stumbles on more and more inconsistencies, but the French police quickly close the case. She discovers that the banker was involved with an institute that trains radical-right youth to fight for the preservation of traditional European values. The Institute for the Occident is located in a monastery in Italy. Then Rhonda meets Ebbe Wolfswinkel, a lawyer who is also interested in the same institute. He works as a liquidator on the bankruptcy of a company that supplied the institute with religious statues.

Driven by their research, Zander and Wolfswinkel meet at the Italian monastery. There, they discover that the institute is a cover for a sinister network of violence and money laundering with tentacles in the highest circles of society.

Jeen Mansveld has the feeling that he’s floating. No, he’s drifting. It’s dark all around him. Black. He moves his hands, groping. The water’s caress feels pleasant on his body. Cooling. A serene peace takes hold of him. No stress, no business, no deals. No lies, arguments, scams. No escapes, conflicts, fights. No fear. Gravity has him in her grip. No, a mysterious force pushes him downward. Does he hear voices? He doesn’t know, just as he doesn’t know how he got here. His body, like a manatee’s, is too cumbersome to turn over in the water and he is too drunk to think clearly.

ROEL JANSSEN (b. 1947) is a finance-economics journalist, former editor at NRC Handelsblad and fervent marine yachtsman. He has reported on great economic events and financial crises while holding a variety of jobs over the past thirty years. He also writes thrillers and contributed as a screenwriter to the series The Party. In 2007 Janssen won the Gouden Strop prize for his thriller The Tenth Woman. The 2004 publication of Guilty Gold caused a stir within the Dutch parliament. His thriller All Is Lost, about the refugee crisis, was published in 2017.

(c) Keke Keukelaar

Additional book information

  • Thriller
  • ISBN 9789403160719
  • Number of pages: 352
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: € 20,99