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Ruben Mersch

Ruben Mersch

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Ruben Mersch (b. 1976) studied philosophy and biology at the University of Ghent. After graduating, a twist of fate landed him in the pharmaceutical industry. But fed up with turning disease into profit, he decided to do something useful with his life: to teach people how to think for themselves. For Oogklepdenken (Blinkered Thinking) he received the so-called (pdw)-trophy, an award for spreading objective knowledge and fighting pseudo-science and the paranormal.


Recent title – English material

Waarom iedereen altijd gelijk heeft (Why Everyone is Always Right), 2016

Press on Blinkered Thinking:

Blinkered Thinking is both entertaining and informative. Ruben Mersch combines keen observations of human error with scientific knowledge. – Skipr

Surprising, impressive and funny [...] an excellent book which many will read with a degree of discomfort. – Liberales