Simonne van Gennip / Simonne van Gennip – An Error in My Head

Simonne van Gennip – An Error in My Head

Simonne van Gennip – An Error in My Head

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  • Bastei Lübbe (Germany)


About the book

Simonne is seven months pregnant when she suffers a stroke. A single-minded journalist in the midst of life, she is abruptly transformed into a patient who can do nothing and has to learn to speak, write, eat and walk again. Imprisoned in her own recalcitrant body she also has to take care of her baby. Struggling with questions about the future, her husband, her stepdaughters and friends, she learns to live an independent life.



A well-written story that will make any doctor stop and think about the experiences of a patient. – Medisch Contact

The book is sometimes shocking: acquaintances who withdraw, care workers who show little understanding, and your own realization that you are no longer the same person. But what An Error in My Head articulates above all is hope. – Algemeen Dagblad

Initially Simonne was writing for Julie, to describe to her daughter the chaos that surrounded her when she came into the world. But gradually the idea emerged for a book in which patients and those close to them could find insights into what happens when someone suffers a stroke. In that the author has succeeded admirably. – Den Haag Centraal


Simonne van Gennip (b. 1974) was working as a journalist when hit by a stroke. She was heavily pregnant with her first child. She now lives with her family in Voorburg and works as editor-in-chief of Straatnieuws.

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Additional book information

  • Memoir
  • ISBN 9789023489238
  • Number of pages: 208
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: € 17,90