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Stefan Buijsman

Stefan Buijsman

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Stefan Buijsman (b. 1995) gained a master’s degree in philosophy in Leiden at the age of eighteen, after which he moved to Sweden to work on a PhD. Within eighteen months, instead of the usual four years, he gained his doctorate, making him one of the youngest ever PhDs. He is currently studying the philosophy of mathematics as a post-doctoral researcher. Along with Govrien Oldenburger he is the author of the children’s book The Kingdom of Sums (2018).

Recent title – English material available

Plussen en Minnen (Pluses and Minuses), 2018

Stefan Buijsman is Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, but with much better social skills, a man of immeasurable capacities and way above average intelligence.
– Svenska Dagbladet

Stefan is so smart that we are a bit lost for words. – Dutch Public Broadcasting Channel, NOS