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Tomas Ross – Blonde Dolly

Tomas Ross – Blonde Dolly

About the book

Sixty years after her death, Blonde Dolly’s name is alive and well. For decades police and journalists have searched for her murderer. Her murder remains a riddle, a mystery, much in the same way Sebilla Niemans, aka Blonde Dolly, also was. She was a prostitute working on the fringes of The Hague, married to a violinist from the renowned Residentie Orchestra. She travelled to London, Antwerp and Paris and spent nights with the rich and famous in chic hotels.

The questions surrounding her puzzling death on 31 October 1959 have never been answered. Why did the Chief Commissioner of The Hague personally lead the investigation? How did Dolly acquire a fortune in money and houses? Where is the notorious blue book in which she wrote down all of her clients’ names? In Blonde Dolly crime writer Tomas Ross unfolds a chilling plot in which everyone has a hidden agenda.

Blonde Dolly fascinates, it intrigues and there’s a hidden, building tension from start to finish. Because the author combines facts with fiction, you get the feeling that you’re reading a true, and therefore realistic, story. **** Hebban Magazine

In Blonde Dolly, daring conspiracy theories, supported by facts, are put to rest. A phenomenal writer. - NPO Radio

An exciting thriller of the kind we’ve come to expect from Tomas Ross. - Elegance

Blonde Dolly is meaty, unpredictable and everyone in it has got a simmering agenda. *** Knack


Tomas Ross (b. 1944) has been one of the leading thriller authors in the Netherlands for more than thirty years. In his exciting and daring thrillers, he toys with the dividing line between fact and fiction. He has won the Golden Noose Award three times and worked as a screenwriter on many acclaimed films and shows.

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Additional book information

  • Literary thriller
  • ISBN 9789403133805
  • Number of pages: 384
  • World rights: Cargo
  • Price: €19,99