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Tinneke Beeckman

Tinneke Beeckman

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Tinneke Beeckman (b. 1976) has a PhD in Philosophy and writes as a columnist for De Standaard, a Flemish daily newspaper. Power and Powerlessness was nominated  for the Liberales book award and for the Socrates Wisselbeker, a prize for the best philosophy brook written in Dutch. Her first book, Through Spinoza’s Lens, won the Liberales book award.



Recent title – English material

Macht en onmacht (Power and Powerlessness), 2016

Press on Power and Powerlessness:

‘The Scope of Beeckman’s criticism covers much of contemporary thinking.’ – Vrij Nederland

‘Beeckman doesn’t write philosophy for her fellow academics, she presents urgent analyses that affect us all. A provocative history of ideas. The topics Beeckman discusses are of great relevance in these times.’ – Trouw


  • <a href=""Macht en onmacht (Power and Powerlessness), 2016