Tinneke Beeckman / Tinneke Beeckman – Power and Powerlessness

Tinneke Beeckman – Power and Powerlessness

Tinneke Beeckman – Power and Powerlessness

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About the book

In Power and Powerlessness, philosopher Tinneke Beeckman takes the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris as the starting point for her investigation into the causes of political and religious conflict in democratic societies. She stresses that ideals such as truth and universal equality have become obsolete. In their stead, ambiguous postmodern thinking seemingly dominates, constantly  underlining the relativity of truth and moral values. This has led both to a sinister fundamentalism and to a persistent neoliberalism.

Referring to historical and contemporary thinkers, Beeckman presents us with opportunities for recovery in this revealing and absolutely essential book.

The Scope of Beeckman’s criticism covers much of contemporary thinking. – Vrij Nederland

Beeckman doesn’t write philosophy for her fellow academics, she presents urgent analyses that affect us all. A provocative history of ideas. The topics Beeckman discusses are of great relevance in these times. – Trouw


Tinneke Beeckman (b. 1976) has a PhD in Philosophy and writes as a columnist for De Standaard, a Flemish daily newspaper. Power and Powerlessness was nominated  for the Liberales  book award and for the Socrates Wisselbeker, a prize for the best philosophy book written in Dutch. Her first book, Through Spinoza’s Lens, won the Liberales book award.

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Additional book information

  • popular philosophy
  • ISBN 9789085426097
  • Number of pages: 288
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,99
  • French sample available