Tom Rooduijn / Tom Rooduijn – Amstel 278

Tom Rooduijn – Amstel 278

Tom Rooduijn – Amstel 278

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About the book

Not long after the Germans occupied the Netherlands in May 1940, Géza Weisz and his family had to go into hiding. Along with a handful of others, Weisz turned up at the home of Fritz Rimathé, a Swiss doctor. The address: Amstel 278. Both men kept a journal. Frits provides a detailed account of his life in Amsterdam, ranging from the raids in his neighbourhood to the artists’ resistance movement and the searches of his home. Géza describes the mounting tension between those in hiding, and a touching reunion with his son Fransje, who is hiding elsewhere.

Their claustrophobic existence ends abruptly in August 1944, when one of Géza’s childhood friends is driven to betrayal. Thanks to its wealth of autobiographical documents, Amstel 278 is a compelling narrative describing life – both public and underground – during the occupation.

Praise for Amstel 278:

Amstel 278 is an incredibly rich book which sweeps the reader along in the risky lives of two fascinating inhabitants of the capital city during World War II.
***** - NRC Handelsblad


TOM ROODUIJN is a journalist and programme maker. In 2019 he made the award-nominated documentary, The Shadow Play, for VPRO Radio, about the tragically brief life of Géza Weisz. After he completed this documentary, the journals of Fritz Rimathé came to light, and they subsequently became, together with the diary of Géza Weisz, the basis of the story of Amstel 278.

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Additional book information

  • Non-fiction
  • ISBN 9789400408197
  • Number of pages: 415
  • World rights: Thomas Rap
  • Price: €24,99
  • English and German sample translations and translated five-star review NRC Handelsblad available