Tommy Wieringa / Tommy Wieringa – Honorary Cossack

Tommy Wieringa – Honorary Cossack

Tommy Wieringa – Honorary Cossack

About the book

This is the work of a flaneur, of a tourist and a traveller, of someone who wanders the earth with the motto ‘a walking dog finds bones’. In the Ukrainian steppe, Tommy Wieringa is dubbed an honorary Cossack by a drunken Cossack, in Vienna he goes in search of an illustrious doppelganger and in St Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai he becomes the false bride of Christ. He is a hotel-dweller who writes with relish about wretched accommodation and restaurateurs who hate their clientele. No destination is so miserable that a story cannot be found in it.

Wieringa’s earlier travel stories were praised as ‘delightful anecdotes, important and chance meetings, taking us to places we’ll never go, with a gift for observation that lends everything a deeply human feel. Travel as adventure, open-minded, receptive to the unexpected. That is the effect a born writer can have on us.’ That flag is now flying proudly above Honorary Cossack.

A stunning collection of travel stories from a curious globetrotter. With his distinctive associative thinking, Wieringa lifts every story to greater heights. The flawless language control and beautiful metaphors endow a wonderful serenity amid the many whirling impressions and thought streams. A gilt-edged book that, between the lines, offers us a picture of the writer himself. ***** -

Honorary Cossack is a collection of travel reflections in which Wieringa matches the calibre of his idol W.G. Sebald. – De Tijd


Tommy Wieringa (b. 1967) is the author of the best-selling novels Joe Speedboot (F. Bordewijk Prize 2006) , Caesarion (Little Caesar, shortlisted for the IMPAC Literary Award 2013) and Dit zijn de namen (These Are The Names). These Are The Names was awarded the Golden Owl Reader Prize, the Libris Literature Prize and the Golden Inktaap (a youth prize) and was shortlisted for the Premio Strega Europeo and the Gregor von Rezzori Prize.. His work has been published in more than fifteen countries and has garnered praise both at home and abroad.

Wieringa was ranked the most important Dutch author of 2013 on a new author rank list (Editio top 35) which considers critical acclaim, sales numbers, international success and public profile. These Are The Names has been put on stage by NT Gent.

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  • Stories
  • ISBN 9789023486251
  • Number of pages: 240
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,90