Yannick Dangre / Yannick Dangre – The Idiot and the Tenderness

Yannick Dangre – The Idiot and the Tenderness

Yannick Dangre – The Idiot and the Tenderness


About the book

In the 1960s Tristan’s grandparents are hard-working people with their own grocery shop. Their four children help in the shop but suffer as a result of their father’s violent behaviour. Their mother increasingly turns in on herself, leading the children to take things into their own hands and eventually ban their father from the house. Years later, when Arthur and his brother Frank want to sell their parents’ business to start their own bicycle shop, their father comes firmly back onto the scene and they are forced to confront their past. Yannick

Dangre surprises us once again with a novel that testifies to his vivid, compelling style and great empathy.



A prodigy in hidden things. **** – NRC Handelsblad

Dangre seems born to create moving portrayals of human passion. – Trouw

Dangre’s greatest trump card remains the musicality of his language. Nothing in this novel feels artificial, as if it was written at one sitting. There can be no doubt that Dangre will write many more beautiful things. – De Standaard


Yannick Dangre (b.1987), ‘Talent of 2016’ (nrc Handelsblad), is a writer and poet. He graduated in Dutch and French literature and made his debut at the age of twenty-two with the novel Volcano Fruit, which was extremely well received and won him the Debut Prize. Dangre then made a succesful debut as a poet. His collection Girl I Still Like was nominated for the C. Buddingh’ Prize and awarded the Herman De Coninck Prize. In September 2012 his second novel appeared, March Rooms, and in 2014 his second poetry collection, With Retrospective Effect.

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Additional book information 

  • Novel
  • ISBN 9789023496441
  • Number of pages: 305
  • World Rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,90